About antibiotic resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is often used when describing microorganisms like fungi, viruses and bacteria which have developed an immunity against the medicines and treatments that used to be effective for treating infections.

The term ‘antimicrobial resistance’ usually refers to all types of microbes, but this can be broken down to antifungal resistance for fungi, antiviral resistance for viruses and antibiotic resistance for bacteria.

In recent years, the issue of antibiotic resistance has been sounded out by the World Health Organization as an area of great concern when it comes to human health.

Over prescription and misuse of antibiotics for medical patients, poor hygiene standards in hospitals and an overreliance of antibiotics in farming and agriculture have all been accused of contributing to a wide array of drug-resistant bacteria, also known as superbugs.

In September 2016 a patient in the US died after contracting a Klebsiella pneumoniae infection which failed to be successfully treated by 26 different strains of antibiotics raising concerns that the speed in which bacteria is becoming resistance to antibiotics is accelerating.

What you can do to help combat antibiotic resistance:

- Only take antibiotics when prescribed by your doctor

- Always complete the prescribed course

- Don’t share or use any leftover antibiotics

You can also minimise your own risk of contracting harmful bacteria that could cause an infection by practicing good hand hygiene, preparing and cooking food safely and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If we can reduce our chances of catching nasty infections then we will also reduce the need for being treated with antibiotics.

How can Biomaster help?

Biomaster antimicrobial technology can be used to help maintain hygiene standards where keeping harmful bacteria at bay is critical.

It’s effective against drug-resistance bacteria like MRSA and VRE and can offer a powerful barrier against bacteria growing on surfaces where they can pose a risk to human health.

Biomaster is already in use in a wide range of applications in the healthcare sector and also helps to maintain hygiene standards in the hospitality sector, food preparation areas and high traffic public areas.


About Antibiotic Resistance from Biomaster