Meet the Bear Necessities


Meet the Bear Necessities

If you take a walk around Birmingham this summer you’ll see a whole host of brightly decorated bears, including our very own Biomaster bear the Bear Necessities.

We’re getting involved in The Big Sleuth 2017 to help raise funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity as part of one of the country’s biggest public arts events, with our Biomaster sponsored bear one of around 100 sculptures on a city-wide trail.

We’ve sponsored ‘Bear Necessities’, as lovingly designed by the extremely talented Anne-Marie Byrne who has painstakingly painted the sun bear sculpture to bring her striking rainforest scene design to life.

About ‘Bear Necessities’

Anne-Marie’s design showcasing the diverse wildlife of the rainforest and the devastating effects that global warming and deforestation can have really hits a chord with Biomaster as the rainforests are a source of science that have delivered natural resources from which medicines and antimicrobials have been derived.

Like bacteria and other microbes we need to understand more about our environment, the risks and benefits that it presents and how we can manage those risks without detriment to the wider environment or contributing to antibiotic resistance.

The first antimicrobial sculpture on the trail

The Biomaster sponsored bear will be the first and only sculpture on The Big Sleuth to be protected against harmful bacteria thanks to the antibacterial varnish from Urban Hygiene featuring our Biomaster technology.

Biomaster is ideal for use on shared surfaces, which can be touched by many people and can work to protect vulnerable people from the effects of harmful microbes and bacteria.

The less ill we can be, the less need for antibiotics we have and the less resistance bacteria can build against them when we use them, therefore they remain more effective and treat us more efficiently.

How to get involved

You can meet ‘Bear Necessities’, the Biomaster bear, when The Big Sleuth trail goes live on the 10th July 2017 in and around central Birmingham for the duration of the summer.

We’d love to see your photos of our bear so make sure you tag them with #biomasterbear on social media or follow @biomasterbear on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date.

You can also donate directly to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity by clicking this link.