Winner of the Biomaster Christmas competition revealed


Thanks to everyone who entered our Biomaster Christmas Competition!  We had an overwhelming number of suggestions for the best rhyme to remember to help you remember to wash your hands.

Most of us already know that undercooked poultry, including chicken and turkey, can pose a risk of infection, but it’s the hidden danger of contaminated packaging that can have serious implications.

Campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK, with over 280,000 cases confirmed each year, and studies have shown that up 7% of poultry packaging on sale in the UK is contaminated with the pathogen.

That’s why hand washing is so important in reducing the chance of harmful bacteria spreading from your hands to food or surfaces and helping you avoid a nasty infection this Christmas.

The pick of the bunch

Taking the first prize of an ETI Thermapen, protected with Biomaster antimicrobial technology, was Ian from Barnsley whose hand-washing rhyme was chosen by the Biomaster team as the most memorable:


‘Bugs and germs on hands and food, can really spoil the Christmas mood,

So wash your hands after every touch, to keep away from the doctor’s clutch’


Congratulations to Ian and well done to the 10 selected runners up (listed below) who each won a Biomaster Antimicrobial Pouch Bag to help make their shopping trips that bit more hygienic.

Don’t let turkey spoil your Christmas

Many of us will tackle turkey for the centerpiece of our Christmas day dinner and Biomaster are making sure that your festive feast doesn’t turn into a yucky yuletide with our Top 5 Turkey Tips.

As well as making sure that the thickest part of the meat is cooked to 75C, you should wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible after handling raw poultry or its packaging to reduce the risk of contracting a nasty infection.

You should also use separate bags for raw meat, poultry and other food types or use a Biomaster Antibacterial Bag for Life from the Hygiene Doctor store or Marks & Spencer.

Read the rest of our top tips here and make sure you make it to the New Year without suffering from a food poisoning bug.


Top 10 Runners Up Entries

1. 'Poultry packs are not that clean, hidden bugs cannot be seen! Wash your hands each time you touch, to enjoy that Christmas turkey lunch!' (Barbara, Staffs)

2. 'If you don't want Christmas spoilt with sickness unplanned, after handling turkey always wash your hands' (Gail, Birmingham)

3. 'Plastic wrapping may look clear, but the bugs it carries could cost you dear.  For a bug free feast and pudding too, wash your hands like you've been to the loo' (Victoria, UK)

4. 'Doctors say in general terms, hands can harbour many germs.  Wash them well and you will find, that turkey's stuffed with peace of mind' (Keith, W Yorks)

5. 'To prevent a food poisoning disaster, wash your hands before and after' (Christina, Devon)

6. 'Wash your hands from your wrists to four fingers, making sure no bacteria lingers' (Ann, Essex)

7. 'Wash your hands and keep 'em clean, those nasty bugs can be mean.  They'll spoil your fun at the best of times, so just keep washing and reciting this rhyme' (Stella, Herts)

8. 'Washing hands is always clear, to stop you getting Salmonella' (Julie, UK)

9. 'Washing your hands before handling your meat, keeps the bugs away and your meal a treat.  Thermapen shows when the meat is done, wonder how long until it's all gone' (Pauline, UK)

10. 'When you unwrap turkey or chicken, wash your hands to stop germs stickin'' (Lucy, Norwich)