Biomaster featured on QVC shopping channel


A new beauty gadget with Biomaster antimicrobial protection is featured as one the QVC shopping channel's 'Today's Special Value' this week in time for Christmas.

Magnitone manufactures an award-winning range of daily cleansing tools including the recently launched BlendUp.

BlendUp is Magnitone's new Vibra-Sonic Makeup Brush (shown above).

It works with over 200 Vibra-Sonic movements per second and super soft bristles and is designed to blend, contour, tint, blush and bronze, while stimulating skin for a more natural, healthy-looking finish. 

The QVC feature showed show BlendUp's brush heads contain Biomaster antimicrobial protection. Bristles can be a breeding ground for bacteria, but Biomaster inhibits the growth of bacteria on surfaces 24/7 for the useful lifetime if the appliance. 

BlendUp is currently available from QVC - for more information watch the video.