First transparent no-fog face mask with Biomaster


A new 100% transparent and recyclable face mask has been launched with inbuilt Biomaster protection for people with hearing difficulties.

The new Helloface mask will help 11 million people in the hard-of-hearing community who have had problems with fabric coverings. 

Fabric face mask are also a problem for industries where facial recognition is crucial and for those who are feeling isolated due to the lack of communication through fabric face coverings. 

The lightweight design of the mask enables great breathability and communication through the latest in anti-fog technology and Biomaster antimicrobial technology. 

Biomaster inhibits the growth of harmful microbes on surfaces and is effective 24/7 for the useful lifetime of the mask.

Additionally, the mask provides protection to others by blocking sprays and liquids. 

To find out more visit the Helloface website.