New Tangle Re:born with Biomaster


Award-winning celebrity and royal hairdresser Richard Ward has launched the latest addition to his premium range of Tangle Angel professional hairbrushes featuring Biomaster antimicrobial technology.

The new Re:born Angel makes light work of tough detangling and is also kind to the planet. Made in the UK from recycled plastic, the brush and all of its packaging can all be fully recycled at the end of its life. Developed with softer, kinder-to-hair Memory-Flex® bristles, it makes brushing feel good, as well as guilt-free.

For maximum performance, the bristles are made from virgin plastic and are antimicrobial.

The new Re:born range contains three brushes, including a handy compact for on-the-go travel and bags and the Xtreme which is great for hair extensions, longer and thicker hair.

Hairbrushes can harbour large numbers of many different types of bacteria – typically, there are more bacteria on a hairbrush than in a dog bowl. Research has shown that one hair follicle alone can harbour over 50,000 germs and is a haven for dirt, dust and bacteria. Biomaster technology within the hairbrush also provides antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the product.

Since the success of the original Tangle Angel, the range has also been extended to include Tangle ANGEL Rebel, Tangle Angel PRO Series, Tangle Cherub, a design for younger children and Pet Angel. Visit the Tangle Angel website for more details.