OPROtec raises the bar for sports tape


From park runners to professional footballers, people use kinesiology tape during and after exercise to reduce aches and pains.

OPROtec K-Tape is a new kinesiology tape designed to help the body’s natural healing process and is the first to also offer Biomaster antimicrobial protection.

K-Tape is more hygienic than regular sports tape because Biomaster technology inhibits the growth of surface bacteria. 

The protection works 24/7 and is effective against all common types of bacteria for the lifetime of the tape.

The lifts the skin to give the muscle and joint room to breathe, enabling freer, more comfortable movement. 

As well as offering immediate relief, the space K-Tape creates around muscles also helps to promote blood flow while draining away any fluid.

For more information visit the OPROtec website.