Your 'bag for life' can be dangerous, warns food safety watchdog


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) says that reusable shopping bags are a food poisoning risk if they are used to carry a mixture of goods.

Deadly bugs can be transferred from the outside of packaging when plastic bags are reused, even if there is no obvious trace of leakage.

The FSA says that shoppers should carry raw foods, ready-to-eat foods and non-food items separately - and never use the same bags again for carrying other household items.

Raw foods such meat, fish and shellfish, loose vegetables with soil on and eggs can contain bacteria or have bacteria on their surface that could cause food poisoning.

Wrapped raw foods such as pre-packed fresh meat or fish may also have traces of harmful bugs on the outside of the packaging.

The Biomaster antibacterial Bag for Life is treated with technology proven to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on its surface that could transfer between a shopping bag and its’ contents. 

The protection lasts for the useful lifetime of the bag.

The Biomaster Bag for Life is currently available from several high street supermarkets, including the new designs recently launched by M&S (shown above), or you can buy one online from