BeaconMedaes uses Biomaster antibacterial technology in their GEM 10 Terminals to help provide a hygienic environment in hospitals

BeaconMedæs and Biomaster

Which consumer products protect us from bacteria?

There are many applications where Biomaster treated products protect us as consumers in our everyday lives. The health sector is full of such applications from pull cords to inhalers and shower heads.

BeaconMedæs is just one of the antibacterial applications of which we are proud.  Starting with their GEM 10 terminal, Biomaster is now incorporated into the latest GEM Shield Terminal Unit.

BeaconMedæs has been manufacturing an increasingly complex array of life support equipment for hospitals for over 60 years and they currently operate through local and regional distributors in over 40 countries.

Does Biomaster antibacterial technology improve medical gas systems?

Biomaster technology has helped BeaconMedæs, the world’s leading specialist in the design, supply and installation of piped medical gas distribution systems in hospitals, to develop the next generation of medical gas terminal units.

The new GEM Shield Terminal Unit offers improved patient safety as Biomaster antibacterial technology helps reduce cross infection by preventing the spread of bacteria.

Andy Tudor, Atlas Copco Medical UK product development manager, explains “with the anti-microbial additive improving patient safety, our GEM Shield Terminal Units meet needs even beyond what we provided with our trusted GEM 10 Installations.”

The GEM Shield Terminal Unit features a modernized trim plate that removes dust traps, decreasing the risk of cross infection. The fixing screws can be accessed from the front on the new GEM Terminal Unit, cutting the exchange time by 15 minutes and providing for quick and simple routine maintenance.

All GEM Terminal Units are easily retrofitted onto existing GEM 10 installations.  Watch the video below to see how easy fitting the new GEM 10 really is.

Biomaster additives in GEM 10 Terminals protect against cross infection by reducing the spread of bacteria

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