Blue Light Services and Biomaster

Infection control where it really matters

Inhibiting the growth of harmful microbes in environments where people are at their most vulnerable is vital. So when you are being transported people to and from hospital, infection control is extremely important.

London-based company Blue LightServices has an entire fleet of new ambulances fitted out with Biomaster antibacterial protection. 

Biomaster is built into the paneling during the manufacturing process and works 24 hours a day to inhibit the growth of microbes for the lifetime of the product.  It is proven to be effective against most common forms of bacteria including E. coli, Campylobacter and MRSA.

Blue Light Services are a rapidly growing vehicle conversion company who have taken years of experience working within the ambulance industry and channeled it into the design and manufacture of Renault Master Ambulance conversions for the NHS and Private Ambulance sectors. Most of their customers come from the rapidly growing private ambulance sector, which is now supporting the NHS in providing emergency cover.

Blue Light Services has over 25 years of experience in the ambulance service industry supporting private and NHS customers. Click here to learn more.


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