Brinsea and Biomaster

Biomaster helps breed healthier chicks

As every bird breeder knows, incubators create perfect growing conditions for microbes and bacteria which can in turn be harmful to incubating eggs.

Brinsea incubators incorporate Biomaster antimicrobial protection into the cabinets during manufacture. Biomaster technology is embedded within the plastic itself which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria helping to provide the best environment for hatching chicks.

Brinsea Managing Director Ian Pearce explains: “It’s very frustrating when eggs develop but fail to hatch, often for no apparent reason. 

We estimate 25% of these could be due to bacterial contamination. The use of Biomaster antimicrobial additives in our plastics helps reduce this problem and leads to higher hatch rate.”

Brinsea parts treated with Biomaster are all the opaque incubator and brooder mouldings, as these are the most likely areas where cross contamination might occur.

Find out more at the Brinsea website.

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