CeDo Limited use Biomaster antibacterial additives to increase food and kitchen hygiene

CeDo Limited and Biomaster

How can you improve your food hygiene?

If you’ve heard of PolyLina®, Paclan®, Nappy Sacks™, Pop-ins™, Landsaver®, The Big Green Rubbish Bag and Saved from Landfill, then you know CeDo.

CeDo Limited is Europe’s largest producer of own label and branded household disposables. CeDo’s food and freezer bags, food wraps, bin liners and refuse sacks are used by millions of consumers on a daily basis.

With around 450,000 cases of food poisoning in the UK each year, many caused by handling raw meat and chicken, CeDo realised that there was something they could do to help manage exposure to campylobacter and other harmful bacteria.

Campylobacter alone accounts for about 80% of all foodborne illnesses and can also contaminate the outer packaging of poultry products.

How does Biomaster antibacterial technology protect you from campylobacter and other bacteria?

CeDo launched an exclusive range of cling film, baking parchment and foil dispenser cartons protected with Biomaster antibacterial technology to help prevent the spread of bacteria within food preparation environments.

Biomaster’s active ingredient in the outer carton inhibits the growth of harmful microbes providing a ‘clean to touch’ antibacterial surface. This prevents cross contamination of bacteria from hand to carton and from carton back to hand.

The new CeDo display packs are printed with a QR code, so that anyone with a smartphone reader can access a 20 second animated film explaining the benefits of Biomaster antibacterial technology.

CeDo dispenser cartons use Biomaster antibacterial technology to enhance kitchen hygiene

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