The Biomaster Clean Pullcord is an antibacterial product that protects against harmful bacteria

Biomaster Clean Pullcord

Are light switch pull cords hygienic?

Standard pull cords are breeding grounds for germs, as they are frequently used and difficult to clean. They support the growth of dangerous bacteria, which in an environment like a hospital creates another point for cross-contamination.

To avoid the potential spread of germs and viruses, which can be caused by dirty light switch pull cords, many hospitals across the UK have invested in Biomaster treated applications including the Clean Pullcord.

How is the Biomaster Clean Pullcord different?

The Clean Pullcord has a polymer coating with integral Biomaster Protection, an antibacterial additive that has been independently tested to reduce levels of harmful bacteria by more than 99%. As Biomaster is incorporated at the point of manufacture it can’t be wiped off or worn away and will be active throughout the lifetime of the product.

As well as preventing bacterial growth, the Biomaster Clean Pullcord is easily wipeable and will never discolour. This eliminates the need to replace the pull cord, which is an additional time and cost benefit over non-treated cords.

Barking Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust has invested in Biomaster Clean Pullcords for its hospitals and Contracts Manager for the Trust, Lynne Taylor, said “We are very pleased with the Biomaster Clean Pullcords, from an Infection Control aspect the cords meet the required criteria. The product is easy to clean and robust enough for the high usage of wards, outpatients and public toilets within our Trust.  We have recently undertaken the annual PLACE Assessments (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment) on our sites where condition and cleanliness of toilet pull cords forms part of the scoring, and all received a ‘Pass’ score.”

In addition to hospitals, the Biomaster Clean Pullcords are in demand from dental surgeries, GP practices, offices, care homes and hospices, as well as being supplied to electrical wholesalers.

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Biomaster Clean Pullcord uses Biomaster additives to prevent the growth of bacteria

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