Biomaster antibacterial technology is used by Colex International Ltd to help protect against harmful bacteria

Colex and Biomaster

Cleaner water supplies with Biomaster

Water-borne contamination can cause serious problems in high risk areas such as hospitals, dental clinics, nursing and care homes.

Some types of flexible hose will allow chemicals to leach into water supplies. When this happens there is a risk of bacteria forming biofilms which can harbour various harmful organisms.

Colex International’s Biomaster-treated NeuVend SI flexible hose liner is a WRAS approved hose suitable for use in all potable water supply applications especially where the antimicrobial properties are critical.

In independent tests it has been proven to be effective against Pseudomonas, E.coli, Legionella and MRSA among many other harmful organisms and is especially effective where there is infrequent use of the water supply in warm conditions.

NeuVend SI hose is also suitable for use in food contact applications.

For more information visit the Colex International website.

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