Dulux uses Biomaster antibacterial additives to keep their paint bacteria free

Dulux Sterishield and Biomaster

How can paint protect against bacteria and viruses?

Originally developed as a specialist paint for hospitals and other medical facilities, Dulux Sterishield incorporated with Biomaster antibacterial additives provides protection against bacteria and is increasingly being used in schools, housing and wherever hygiene is a key consideration.

More people choose AkzoNobel decorative paints and performance coatings than those of any other manufacturer. The addition of Biomaster to the Dulux Sterishield brand makes the coating ideal for hygiene critical environments where the highest levels of cleanliness and the most powerful defence against bacteria, illness and infection is needed.

Originally only sold in trade paint size tins, Sterishield is now available in 5ltr tins making it increasingly available to domestic users who want to benefit from the added antibacterial protection offered by the Biomaster additive.

What’s more, as Sterishield was initially designed for the healthcare sector it can be washed and scrubbed as part of hospital hygiene and cleaning regimes. In fact Dulux have commented that washing improves the antibacterial protection.

You can find the Dulux Sterishield brand at your local Dulux Decorator Centre or trade paint distributor.

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Biomaster technology enables Dulux Sterishield paint to defend against bacteria

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