Dyson incorporates Biomaster antibacterial additives in to their Airblade hand dryers

Dyson and Biomaster

What is the most hygienic way to dry your hands?

Famous for tackling problems others seem to ignore, Dyson hand dryers are efficient, effective and even prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

Regular hand dryers with standard filters can simply draw in dirty washroom air and blow it back on to your hands, so Dyson invented the innovative Airblade to tackle this problem.

The advanced design of the Dyson HEPA filter means that 99.9% of unhealthy bacteria is filtered out and, as an added benefit, the outer surfaces are Biomaster protected to further reduce the build-up of bacteria.

How can Biomaster antibacterial technology improve your hand hygiene?

All the exposed surfaces and the HEPA filter on the world’s most advanced hand dryers are Biomaster protected, providing further antibacterial resistance.

Biomaster antibacterial technology works so that the growth of bacteria is inhibited wherever the antibacterial additives are placed, reducing the risk of bacterial cross contamination in washrooms across the world.

Biomaster Antibacterial Technology incorporated in the Dyson Airblade reduces bacteria and the risk of cross-contamination in the bathroom

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