Gardman incorporate Biomaster antibacterial technology to help prevent the spread of salmonella and bacteria in birds

Gardman and Biomaster

How can you make your garden safer for wildlife?

Gardman, the UK’s largest supplier of wild bird care products, garden equipment and associated accessories has incorporated Biomaster Antibacterial Technology into their market leading Feedsafe™ wild bird feeder product range.

Standard bird feeders can be unhygienic and potentially life threatening for birds, as they can be breeding grounds for harmful bacteria including salmonella.

Salmonella has the potential to be transmitted to other wildlife including domestic dogs and cats and even humans, as infected bird droppings can contaminate food or water.

How does Biomaster antibacterial technology reduce the spread of salmonella?

Recognising the need to improve the cleanliness and hygiene of bird feeders in order to reduce mortality rates in the garden bird population from salmonella, Gardman incorporated Biomaster into their product to inhibit the growth of the bacteria.

Whilst it is essential to regularly clean bird feeders, many people don’t and the addition of Biomaster antibacterial technology provides the ‘clean between clean’ that can help to reduce the risk of salmonella.

If you want to make a difference to your garden wildlife why not ask for Gardman Feedsafe.

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Biomaster antibacterial technology helps prevent the spread of salmonella and bacteria in birds

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