LINPAC Packaging incorporates Biomaster additives to help prevent the spread of bacteria

Linpac and Biomaster

Antibacterial packaging for fresh meat

You may have heard of Campylobacter.

It is an organism found in more than 70% of all chicken sold in supermarkets and up to a million people a year in the UK suffer from food poisoning because of it.

What you may not be aware of however is that 7% of outer packaging of chicken sold in supermarkets also tests positive for Campylobacter, which means that at least 800,000 portions of chicken with infected outer packs are sold every year

Linpac Packaging makes fresh food packaging designed for better hygiene standards.

Linpac’s award-winning range of technically advanced trays, lids and films contains Biomaster technology to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria on the outer packaging of fresh meat.

Biomaster inhibits the growth of surface bacteria, reducing the risk of food poisoning from contact with contaminated packaging.

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