OPRO mouthguards incorporate Biomaster antimicrobial protection to enhance oral hygiene

OPRO Mouthguards and Biomaster

How can you keep your mouth safe and clean when playing sport?

OPRO mouthguards keep your mouth protected when playing sport and, thanks to added Biomaster antimicrobial protection, they will also keep your mouth free from harmful bacteria.

As the official mouthguard of England rugby, OPRO custom-fit mouthguards are used by some of the world’s leading international rugby stars. OPRO is also the official mouthguard supplier to the England hockey teams, New Zealand rugby teams and the Wallabies in Australia.

It’s not just professional sports men and women who can benefit from antibacterial mouthguards, UK-based OPRO produces thousands of mouthguards every day for schools, colleges, clubs and individuals worldwide.

OPRO is also a Queen’s Award for Innovation recipient in recognition of its ground-breaking work in improving children’s and sports players’ oral protection.

How can Biomaster antimicrobial protection reduce harmful bacteria?

Sport isn’t always the most hygienic activity, so it is important that we prevent the spread of harmful bacteria wherever possible.

OPRO mouthguards are incorporated with Biomaster antimicrobial protection to help actively prevent the spread of harmful bacteria by inhibiting the growth of all harmful bacteria including antibiotic-resistant MRSA.

Our antimicrobial additive is odourless, taste-free and works 24 hours a day to resist bacteria and improve your hygiene during sport.

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OPRO mouthguards with Biomaster additives protect your teeth and personal hygiene during sport

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