Sealwise WCB is an antibacterial alternative to MDF incorporating effective Biomaster antibacterial technology

Sealwise WCB and Biomaster

Is there an antibacterial alternative to MDF?

MDF is used to construct furniture used in the home, office and in hospitals but it may not be the most hygienic option. Sealwise WCB (Waterproof Constrution Board) incorporates Biomaster antibacterial technology to create an antibacterial and environmentally friendly alternative.

Sealwise WCB is a revolutionary and sustainable new sheet material that looks and handles like top-of-the range MFC or faced MDF, however, it is actually made from recycled PVC, making it light, rigid, tough and waterproof.

You’ve probably seen Biomaster Protected Sealwise WCB in action, watch the video below for more information on healthcare performance.

How does Biomaster antibacterial technology prevent the risk of bacterial infection?

Originally designed for use in hospitals, surgeries and dental practices, Sealwise WCB is highly resistant to all types of common bacteria, reducing the risk of cross-infection and viruses. Its multi-purpose material means that it is also suitable for domestic use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Sealwise WCB is waterproof and this prevents moisture and bacteria from harbouring within it. In addition, Biomaster antibacterial technology incorporated within the board further resists harmful bacteria like MRSA.

It is easy to wipe down, resistant to all major cleaning agents, steam and immersion in water.  It can also be used as a replacement for expensive stainless steel, laminates, expensive thermoset resins or old-style cabinetry made from MDF, chipboard, plywood, MFC and other traditional materials.

Sealwise WCB uses Biomaster antibacterial additives to resist the spread of bacteria

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