Swanneck and Biomaster

Want to improve your handwriting?

Designed to be comfortable to use either left or right handed, when writing ‘right to left’ as with Arabic text or ‘top to bottom’ for Chinese and Japanese characters, the Swanneck pen allows the writer to easily see what they are writing.

Not only does the Swanneck pen improve handwriting technique, it avoids smudging and contains Biomaster antibacterial technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent cross contamination for the lifetime of the pen.

How does Biomaster antibacterial technology reduce the risk of MRSA in hospitals and schools?

Swanneck pens incorporated with Biomaster antibacterial additives are ideal for healthcare applications and schools, as this antibacterial technology keeps the pen virtually free from bacteria and reduces the opportunity for cross contamination.

A health sector study has confirmed that writing instruments touched by healthcare professionals and hospitalised patients are a potential source of cross-infection with MRSA, a ‘superbug’ that can survive up to 38 weeks or even longer on contaminated surfaces.

Scientists at the University of Houston found that although health personnel are trained in hand washing procedures, writing pens may be carried over several days without disinfection, making them potential carriers of infectious agents.

So whether you share, drop or chew yours, contaminated pens could be a thing of the past and at least one more item to strike off the list of school and hospital disease-carriers.

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Biomaster antibacterial technology enables the Swanneck pen to prevent the spread of bacteria

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