Celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward's range of Tangle Angel hairbrushes use Biomaster antimicrobial protection

Tangle Angel and Biomaster

Want to know the secret to perfect hair?

According to People Magazine, Tangle Angel is all you need to keep your hair in top condition and protected from bacteria.

As well as People Magazine, critical acclaim for the Tangle Angel range has come from Cosmopolitan, Elle, The Daily Mail, HELLO!, Women’s Weekly and a number of professional hairdressing publications.

Launched in 2013, by award-winning celebrity and royal hairdresser Richard Ward, Tangle Angel hairbrushes incorporate Biomaster antimicrobial protection to offer the most hygienic hairbrush on the market.

How can Biomaster antimicrobial protection improve hair hygiene?

“Hair brushes can collect hair, dead skin and residues of hair products which can become sticky and attract dirt”, explains creator Richard Ward, “I wanted to create a brush that not only detangles and looks beautiful, but has an added benefit through the added antibacterial agent, which acts as a great defence.”

Biomaster antimicrobial protection works to prevent the spread of bacteria for the intended lifetime of the product.

The Tangle Angel range has expanded to include Tangle Cherub, Tangle Angel Extreme, Tangle Angel Mini, Baby, Shine Angel and even Pet Angel all in a range of colours and sizes and all featuring Biomaster antibacterial technology.

The Tangle Angel range is available directly through Richard’s website and through The Hygiene Doctor shop.

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Biomaster antimicrobial technology helps to keep Tangle Angel hairbrushes clean and hygienic

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