Texet produces pocket and desktop calculators with added Biomaster protection to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria

TEXET and Biomaster

How can you keep your calculator free from germs and bacteria?

HIRA Group, a leading importer and distributor of many major international brands including TEXET, a well-known brand of pocket and desktop calculators, have introduced a range of TEXET brand calculators incorporating Biomaster antimicrobial technology.

TEXET calculators are sold in stationery shops worldwide, owning one of the largest market shares in the UK, due to its in-house design combined with the mass production capabilities of its Far East suppliers. TEXET calculators cater for a wide spectrum of needs, with products ranging from simple pocket versions to powerful scientific models.

Does Biomaster antibacterial technology make TEXET calculators more hygienic?

Recognising the high levels of shared use for its products, TEXET decided to reduce the risk of cross contamination for its customers by incorporating Biomaster antibacterial technology into the ABS and HIPS mouldings on the calculators.

Designed to prevent bacterial growth, this range is ideally suited for schools, hospitals and clean room environments with controlled levels of contamination where levels of bacteria are of high concern.

Biomaster antibacterial technology has been proven to rapidly reduce bacteria by up to 99.99% and it is a highly effective means of reducing the growth of MRSA, E.Coli, salmonella, campylobacter, listeria and over 50 other species.

Easily incorporated into any material, Biomaster has become an integral part of the TEXET calculator range providing antibacterial protection for the working life of the product.

Texet Calculators incorporate Biomaster antimicrobial technology to reduce the growth of bacteria

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