Fresher fabrics with the Biomaster Hygiene Control Fabric Spray

Contaminated textiles such as towels, sheets, clothes and dressings can be a key exposure pathway for spreading bacteria.

Although washing at high temperatures will normally be sufficient enough to remove most harmful bacteria, there’s still a risk of spread in-between washes.

The Biomaster Hygiene Control Fabric Spray helps to reduce the risk of clothing, upholstery and other textiles spreading dangerous microbes by offering around the clock antimicrobial protection.

About the Biomaster Fabric Spray

Biomaster antimicrobial technology has been incorporated into a wide range of textiles from activewear, uniforms and soft furnishings, offering protection against both odour and illness causing bacteria.

Although it’s easy to add during the production process, the spray acts as a topical treatment which means that existing fabrics and textiles can still be protected.

One 750ml bottle of fabric spray will cover approximately 7m2 or the equivalent of 24 average chairs and its effectiveness can last up to 3 months from the first application.

Effective against against harmful bacteria

The Biomaster Fabric Spray has been proven to be effective against common bacteria such as MRSA, Salmonella, Norovirus, Campylobacter and Pseudomonas, amongst others.

It’s also a powerful anti-viral agent and has been tested extensively to be effective against Norovirus, which helps to reduce the risk of the winter vomiting bug being spread in high traffic areas such as hotels, restaurants, healthcare settings and offices.

Easy to use, no rinse required

To use the Biomaster Hygiene Control Fabric Spray, simply spray evenly over soft furnishings and textiles and leave to dry for around 15-20 minutes.

There’s no need to rinse and the spray won’t leave a smell, but it will leave your fabrics fresher for longer.

Once applied your textiles and fabrics will be protected 24/7 from harmful microbes and you should re-apply every 1-3 months, depending on usage.

Use biocides safely and read directions on bottle for use before application.

Where to buy

You can buy Biomaster Hygiene Control Fabric Spray online through The Hygiene Doctor website.

For industry and wholesale enquiries, please contact Acoura and Bunzl for an accurate quote for your needs.