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Customer demand for antibacterial products is growing and Biomaster technology is already in use in a wide range of items you use each day.

From shopping bags and cling film boxes to hairbrushes and hand dryers, Biomaster provides effective and long lasting antibacterial protection against harmful bacteria.

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Visit The Hygiene Doctor online store for a selected range of Biomaster protected products as well as food safety and hygiene tips.

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About The Hygiene Doctor

With over 25 years of experience in raising awareness of hygiene issues Dr Lisa Ackerley is one of the most well-known figures in the industry.

As an expert in food safety and public hygiene, Lisa is Trustee and Deputy Chairman of the IFH, Food Safety Advisor to the British Hospitality Association and a Non-Executive Director of The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Lisa can be frequently seen on screen with appearances on BBC Watchdog, Rip Off Britain and Good Morning Britain to name a few as well regular contributions to the Daily Mail and The Daily Express.

Dr Lisa offers hygiene advice and recommendations for products you can use to improve food safety in your home.

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